Thursday, April 11, 2019

Even More Freebies From the Archives - Downloadable Bandcampers - Phase 3

Perhaps you doubted us. Perhaps we doubted ourselves. Perhaps we waited too long. Perhaps we didn't wait long enough. But here we are, hat and fappy and thrusting and bursting with more free & legal downloadables we've rounded up from the Powerpopulist Archives. We just now checked each and every and verified that all are indeed available for either Free or Name-Your-Price Download. Clicking /////bc will take you to the appropriate Bandcamp download page. As before, if you get to Bandcamp and find a song has a price attached, do one of three things: 1) Click "Buy the Full Digital Album" and be taken to the page where it's downloadable for free or name-your-price (in which case, type "0"in the pricebox); 2) Click the album name just under the song name at the top left-hand side of the Bandcamp page; 3) Pay money to buy the song. We attach no particular importance to the number of songs in this Phase 3 playlist (69); that's simply the way it turned out. Most of the songs are powerpop, indiepop. janglepop, and other kinds of hooky, melodic pop, but this list is a bit more varied than the previous two. It includes some shoegaze, some crunch, and even has a wad of bubblegum stuck in there somewhere. We hope you find plenty to cop, feel, and flow with dopaminiacally. Oh, and, yes, we do have the aforepromised SoundCloud and straight mp3-linked downloadable playlists pretty much ready to post, and when that will be done is anybody's guess. Doubt us do ye? Good move. Click appropriately to find the 50 free and legals in Phase 1 and 50 more in Phase 2.

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