Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clever Postitles Can Offput

(See 'em?)
As can pseudosnappy intros, so let's get to it.

Little Death - Baby, Can You Dig Your Man? mp3 - from self-titled self-release, due 28 Oct.
The Cute Lepers - So Screwed Up mp3 - from Can't Stand Modern Music
New Grenada - January 1st mp3 - groovy Camper van Loweryesque vox

Land of Talk - Corner Phone mp3 - from Some Are Lakes - rings 7 Oct. - and in case you missed this recently posted one:
Pidgeon - California mp3 - from Might as Well Go Eat Worms - out 23 Sept.
Dressy Bessy - Simple Girlz! mp3 - from HOLLERandSTOMP - good song, we like it, etc., but this earlier-posted one's e'en better (IOHO).
Side Two mp3

Afternoons - Say Yes mp3
Chop Chop - Northern Armies mp3 - from Screens

Click song titles to hear songs, artist names for additionals.

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