Monday, September 08, 2008

Restoration Project, Part 2: Swedish Polarbears

A new kub seems to have joined the den, but this pic rocks.
These Karlstadt kubbies were also one, nay, two, of my earliest posts. Their listed influences are The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub (as you might guess from the second song posted below), The Posies, The Beach Boys, Big Star, Weezer, and Neil Young. "Worship This!" (off the eponymous EP) absolutely knocked me out when I first heard it back in. . .whenever it was I first heard it, and myriad repeated listenings have only increased affections. The song links I posted disappeared for awhile and then reappeared, hence this celebration. Their new EP, Polar Beats, awaits release, but you can hear its "Rewinder" at their MySpace site. I left one more excellent downloadable at their bandsite, so go pay them a visit. Not bragging, but I'm a proud member of their official fanclub. Skoal!

Volvo mp3

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