Monday, September 29, 2008

Looney Lunes: Rollo Treadway, Unbunny, Happy Hollows, Tigers Can Bite You, Laureates, Legends, Celestial, et. al. . . .

¡Ay caramba! what a day.
Maybe good tuneage
will make it okay
or, failing that,
just go away.
We begin with
The Rollo Treadway - Kidnapped mp3 - from their self-titled debut album, one of the best I've heard so far this year; due to drop 16 Dec.. . . Here's one more off'n it.
Unbunny - Water and the Spanish Tongue mp3 - from Sensory Underload: Uncertain Trks 1996-2008

Happy Hollows - Tambourine mp3 - from Imaginary EP - We're still loving this next one, too.
Tigers Can Bite You - Hawk mp3 - from Taking And Running Away EP due out mañana (30 Sept.)

The Laureates - Tomorrow Today mp3 - from There Are No More Gentlemen - You can download the Chicago band's free EP here.

Hot Lava - Apple Option Fire mp3 - on Lavalogy, due for release 7 Oct

The Legends - Seconds Away mp3 - from the eponymous single, due out 5 Nov. Thanks to Christian Lilja at the fabulous Labrador. It would be remiss of me to omit reposting these next two.

Celestial - Crystal Heights mp3 - from Crystal Heights, due out 8 Oct. - Can't help it, gotta repost the following:
Lake Como (remix) mp3
Nothing Happens; Twice mp3


johnnybgoode said...

hi mike - glad yr still postin! how come the rollo links dont work - i agree they are good, reminds me of ..or darn , forget their name! thanks also for the aberfeldy "claire" song - made me feel like it was 23 again.... johnbuck

pplist said...

Thanks, JB, for pointing out the TRT link problem. It's been fixed. Glad you like Aberfeldy; I do, too!

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