Friday, January 04, 2013

Ballard: Bloody Catchy Indeed

British multi-instrumentalist Darren Riley has been playing for 25 years now and has finally put out his first EP and LP as Ballard (clicky clicky). We're awfully glad he has done, for his music should highly please devotees of The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, The Move, Small Faces, and perhaps other of y/our favorites.

Darren writes the songs, sings same, plays all the instruments, produces, and records in what he describes as "your usual one-man bedroom pop group with an ego problem." We're not sure if those last two words mean "big" or "little" because in our back and forthing so far he has been quite a courteous, even self-effacing bloke. He needn't be the latter, for this is primo lo-fi powerpop.

If the tunes we're posting for free download induce similar feelings in you, visit the Ballard Bandcamp pages to hear and purchase more. BTW, Darren kindly gave us permish to host 'n post the Kinksy "Office Warrior," our personal fave on the Little Rockets LP, for which we thank him again. We'll use the widget for now but change modes if necessary.

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