Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More at Last

Blogger wouldn't let us use more than 200 characters in our labels, hence this second post, as promised. What a bunch of characters Blogger are. And just look at poor Brown Recluse down there, its Play arrow all wumpy-jawed. Sheesh. (Hope you enjoy the music, though.)

Centro-matic - Only In My Double Mind mp3

Milk Maid - Do Right mp3

Reigning Sound - Everything I Do Is Wrong mp3

Brown Recluse - Impressions of a City Morning mp3

One Like Son - Hey Hey mp3

The Pandas - High Birds mp3

Night Beats - Ain't Dumbo mp3

Secret Colours - Follow the Drone mp3

The Vandelles - Dash 'N" Dive mp3 

Bloody Knives - Hands Around My Neck mp3

Woollen Kits - For You mp3

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