Saturday, January 05, 2013

Goodman's What We Want

It's kind of embarrassing to admit that after getting New Yorker Michael Goodman's informative email the other night, we came to find out we'd already reserved a bunch of songs from his debut LP, What We Want, for purchase at eMusic. Okay, it wasn't that embarrassing: it's always good to know you already liked an artist prior to exposure to the hype machine.

His press release describes his songs as "pop music for nervous young people." It obviously works on nervous codgers as well, and for that we are very grateful. "Night Person," a song we certainly identify with, is available for listening and name-your-price download in the widget below. You can sample the album at Soundcloud, hear and buy all or part of it at Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes, and get up close and personal at Facebook.

Let's turn that melancholy, maybe even nervous look in the photo into a smile. After all, we're pretty sure Goodman's music is going to do that to you, as it def did to us.

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