Saturday, April 16, 2016

SoundCloud Catchup: Verge Collection, Work Drugs, Gap Dream, Winter In Moscow, Mr. Bones, pet cemetery, Pinact, Nai Harvest, Ben Pearce, Maybelleen, Tacocat, Into the Woods

We looked back through our mp3 "green room" and found a shocking number of SoundClouders we haven't posted. We're starting at the present and working our way back to sometime in December of last year. If this is overwhelming, well, you're welcome. Better sated than sorry.

Perth band - Facebook - big WAVE file

Philly band - Facebook - big WAVE file

A 3-year-oldie, much beloved - Facebook 

The music we previously posted by this Shoreditch band is still available for name-your-price download. They've got a nice new one for sale at Bandcamp. - huge WAVE file


The Portland, OR band Mr. Bones has another nice free & legal here. - Facebook - big WAVE file

Glasgow band does a really nice Weezer cover. - Facebook - Courtesy of Art Is Hard.

And Sheffield band does right by Teenage Fanclub. - Facebook - Also courtesy of Art Is Hard.


A rare slow one to like. - Many more here. - Thanks to The Sound of Confusion for the good info on this San Francisco artist.

The Montreal bros (pictured above) have another nice one here. - Facebook -  big WAVE file

From the Seattle band's excellent new Lost Time LP, dropped 1april16. - Facebook

Melbourne magic indeed. Pudding? Mebbe. - Facebook

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