Thursday, January 19, 2017

Music of the Sphere: Golden Daze, La Sera, Kindling, Real Numbers, Split Single, Posies, Phil Seymour, Double Cheese, Holy Wave, Cool Ghouls, Dumb Punts, CFM, Pleasers, Kaviar Special, Chris Cohen, Frankie Teardrop, Ty Segall, Wyatt Blair, Thee Oh Sees

(Dates are for last year.)

We take a knee or two to humbly thank these bloggers for making the following available.

Golden Daze - Sleepin' In The Sun - Rollo & Grady

La Sera - Queens - The KEXP Blog
Kindling - Blinding Wave - The KEXP Blog
Real Numbers - Falling Out - The KEXP Blog
Split Single - Untry Love - The KEXP Blog

The Posies - Golden Blunders & My Big Mouth - Still in Rock
Phil Seymour - Let Her Dance - Still in Rock

The following are all in the fantastic Best of 2016 Post at the fantastic Still in Rock.

Golden Daze - Never Comin' Back - Still in Rock
Double Cheese - You Know Better - Still in Rock
Holy Wave - You Should Lie - Still in Rock
Cool Ghouls - (If I Can't Be) The Man - Still in Rock
Dumb Punts - Space Waster - Still in Rock
CFM - Brain of Clay - Still in Rock
Pleasers - Here Comes My Girlfriend - Still in Rock
Kaviar Special - Morning Light - Still in Rock
Chris Cohen - Yesterday's On My Mind - Still in Rock
Frankie Teardrop - Stay Dumb - Still in Rock
Ty Segall - Diversion - Still in Rock
Wyatt Blair - Monday Morning Mess - Still in Rock 
Thee Oh Sees - Gelatinous Cube - Still in Rock

There were plenty more we loved in Thibault's fantastic 90-song post, many of which we've already posted. A must see/hear.

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