Thursday, January 19, 2017

pppurcha$e$ - Fourth Quarter 2015 & The Four Quarters of 2016

We kinda fell behind on this pppurcha$e$ series thang, so here's an attempt to catch up. We got motivated by a friend over at Facebook who said he, too, liked to shop at eMusic, so we're working out a way to let one another know what we've been purchasing, Some visitors here at Powerpopulist have previously expressed appreciation for this feature, so if you're still interested, we apologize for going more than a year without it. We trust you've coped. Click a few words hence to see our Bandcamp Collection, which appears in reverse chronological order, beginning with our most recent purchases.

4th Quarter - 2015
1st Quarter - 2016
2nd Quarter - 2016
3rd Quarter - 2016
4th Quarter - 2016

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