Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Some Singles We Heard (And Loved) at I Don't Hear A Single

Heels, Cabin, Dolls

It's always kind of strange (and exhilarating) to find our humble little blogchild listed on the blogroll of a site we hadn't yet encountered, especially one that's well stocked with excellent tuneage and written with facility and insight we do not display. Such is the case with the excellent British blog, I Don't Hear A Single, which is now firmly ensconced in our daily rota of exploration. Below you will find several favorites we discovered there, minus the excellent analysis and additional wealth of entertainment you will enjoy by visiting IDHAS. We'd like to thank Mr. Don Valentine for 'rolling and rocking us at his exemplary blog.

The Drywall Heels

Read about this Toronto band at IDHAS. We liked this one enough to buy it:

Red Cabin

Read on this New Yorker at IDHAS. And btw, our newish blogfriend Dennis did an excellent post on Red Cabin over at Poprock Record.

The Living Dolls

The L.A. band is featured here at IDHAS.

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