Friday, January 18, 2008

Around the Blogosphere: Smithereens, TSOL, B. Tchaikovsky, Love And Rockets, Crayon Fields, Polynya, Star, Hectors. Golden Dogs, Motion Sick

Yes, I've been derelict in my (self-imposed, though highly remunerative) duties here at Powerpopulist Central, and some good songs have gotten away. (Waiting to be reassured it's quite all right, no worries, etc. . . One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi. . .oh, okay, then, so be it [sniff] just leave the freakin' flowers by the door. . .) Before you hate me, though, have a look at--and perhaps a listen to--the first four below and you'll know it's worth the wait. The rest ain't bad either. Thanks be to them who bravely post 'n' host.

The Smithereens – Cut Flowers – Bag of Songs
TSOL – Flowers by the Door – Bag of Songs
Bram Tchaikovsky – Strange Man, Changed Man – Some Velvet Blog
Love And Rockets – No New Tale to Tell – Some Velvet Blog

The Crayon Fields – Living So Well – My Little Ghost Friend
Polynya – Old West & Without a Trace – Milk Milk Lemonade – Whoa, again with the cut flowers. Spooky.
Star – In Your Arsenal – Milk Milk Lemonade – From MML’s 25 faves of 2007 post, so scroll down.

The Hectors – Cold Star – Bag of Songs
Golden Dogs – Construction Worker – Bag of Songs
The Motion Sick – Jean-Paul – Bag of Songs

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