Tuesday, January 01, 2008

From the Archives

Since I only post here songs I like, it's never hard to find plenty of goodstuff in the Archives. Sure, I know you could don gloves and lighthelmet and go there yourself, but some people just don't do that. And so, by your leave. . .

Splurge - Song of Love mp3 - Mmmmm.
Splitsville - Forever mp3
Paul Collins Beat - Helen mp3
The Happy Few - Red and Blue mp3 - Regular visitors will not be surprised. This band is Find of the Year for pp, among the dozens of other ecstasicators.
Snow Coloured Kid - I Hope You're On My Side mp3 - Oh, Kid, you don't know what this does to me.

Spoon - The Underdog mp3 - Listen closely to the words. They probably don't apply to you, but you might know someone they do.
The Shins - Australia mp3 - If you meant me here's back atcha.
Elk City - Cherries in the Snow mp3
The Lovekevins - Tamagotchi Freestyle mp3

Clicking artists' names will take you back to the original posts, where often much more is waiting.


Anonymous said...

quit foolin' around and get back to the blog! : ) we miss you

pplist said...

Yes, Master. Thanks for noticin'.

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