Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Comp Faves Catchup #1: Ghost Transmission, The Myrrors, Heaters, Magic Castles, Rancho Relaxo, Tales of Murder and Dust, Soft Science, Drakes Hotel, Citrus Clouds, Death Valley Sleepers, Follow Me Not

We try to keep up with favorite free and legals we're finding on groovy compilation LPs but sometimes we simply fail to keep up. Hence this post (and a second to follow).

From Zero Hour - Suicide Revisited (The Blog That Celebrates Itself comp) - Free download here

From The Active Listener Sampler 42 - Free download here

The Myrrors


From The Psychedelic Underground Generation - Summary - Free download here

From Soft as Fire in The House of Love (The Blog That Celebrates Itself tribute to The House of Love - Free download here

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