Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Comp Faves Catchup #2: Eux Autres, the Waistcoats, Mauk e Os Cadillacs Malditos, Twinpine(s), The Red Plastic Buddha, Ghost Dance Collective, Sun Mahshene

Here's the promised followup post in which we try to catch up on free & legal favesongs from groovilicious LP compilations. Of the making of music there is no end, and frankly, we're tickled pink.

From Living High On The Dirty Business Of Dreams (Where You Are Is Where It's At sampler) - Free download here

Eux Autres

From 50,000,000 Elves Fans Can't Be Wrong ( Where It's At Is Where You Are Xmas comp) - Seven months behind or five months ahead? You decide. - Free download here

the Waistcoats

From The Cure In Other Voices (The Blog That Celebrates tribute to, duh, The Cure) - Free download here - Most of The Cure classics are covered, but we were mainly excited by the two below. Admittedly our ears might be being a bit picky.

From DGAB #5 (Dogs Got A Bone Records) - Free download here

The Red Plastic Buddha

Ghost Dance Collective

Sun Mahshene

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