Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Teenage Fanclub's Second From HERE

Oh, yeah, they def rock.

We liked the first one from long-time faveband Teenage Fanclub's forthcoming LP and LOVE the second, posted below. Here should be here on 9sep16. Till then we float on thin air.

And while we're at it, how could we not repost our all-time favorite by TFC? Right: no way. This one drives us wild with pleasure.

And in case you missed it, here's one of our favorite songs of the century, courtesy of former TFC drummer Paul Quinn's band, The Primary 5. (That's he on the sticks 'n' tubs up there in "Sparky's Dream.")


johnnybgoode said...

gee thanks a lot pplist, after clicking on the teenage fanclub video you posted i fell into a haze and listened to teenange fanclub videos on youtube for an hour straight : )

have you heard the new philly band sheer mag? check it out on bandcamp. downloads arent free but worth the $, esp the latest ep.


pplist said...

An hour of listening to TFC is an hour extremely well spent. Sheer Mag came across my sonar a year or more ago but didn't quite click. I'll give further attention.

johnnybgoode said...

def check out the III EP from Sheer mag.

speaking of TF, they have 2 excellent shows from the 2000's and the 90's at the db's site. the recording from 2005 is excellent and the last song (everything flows - you might have heard it- haha) brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful.


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