Sunday, August 07, 2016

Faves from Ice Cream Man's Power Popsicle Brain Freeze Compilation (Part 1): The Galileo 7, Arvidson & Butterflies, Glenn Robinson, Talk Show Host, Hanky Panky, Readymade Breakup, The Manics, Broken Promise Keeper

For the past couple of years, powerpop empresario/ice cream man Wayne Lundquist Ford has issued compilations of free and legally downloadable primo powerpop. And each year the scoops get bigger and better. We just got through consuming all 139 of this year's fare, waddled over to our editing box, and are posting our very favorites below and in a future post.

But here's how were doing it. The first widget has all 139 scoops, in case you want to scarf them as we did, one by one. Underneath that first widget come eight of our favorites, not necessarily in playing order. We will indicate each song's number, just in case that might be, you know, useful.

Many thanks to Wayne Lundquist Ford for these incredible compilations. As he helpfully pointed out, if the quota of downloads has been met at his Bandcamp page, you can also find the compilation free of charge at the Futureman Records Bandcamp page.

Click here and here for the two previous Ice Cream Man Powerpop and More compilations. We'll be posting our other eight faves soon.









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