Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Bishop Allen, For Ex-Lovers Only, Lovetones, Satellite 66, Five Blank Pages, Kite Flying Society, Elliott Smith, Vandaveer

There they go again, these generous hosts, and may they be blessed and thanked and anointed in whatever ways would give them pleasure. Etc. A nice mix of new and newish. Next time: some fab classics scattered about the 'sphere. . .

Bishop Allen - Middle Management - You Aint No Picasso
For Ex-Lovers Only - Mindy (Le Findy) - SKATTERBRAIN
The Lovetones - Wintertime in Hollywood - Untitled Records
Satellite 66 - J.P. Morgan - Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?

Five Blank Pages - A Point Of Reference - i (heart) music
Kite Flying Society - Oh, Amy! - You Aint No Picasso
Elliott Smith - Going Nowhere - Said the Grammophone
Vandaveer - Parasites & Ghosts - 5 Acts

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