Friday, July 27, 2007

The Happy Few. . .

. . .won’t be the few for long. If the Utrecht quartet’s free demo is any indication, it’s soon to be oli- to poly-, and I don’t mean prolly. (I hope they’ll still be happy, the happy many.) WoW, and that goes backwards, too! I’m grateful to have found my way to the excellent Milk Milk Lemonade blog on other bidness (shoegaze mania, soon to be linked to) and met up with these gifted Netherlanders. They’ve made their demo available at their MySpace site, and I’m posting half of it below. Please don’t be offended by the greeting that awaits you there; I suspect they somehow happened across newscasts of Bush/Cheney scatalogy and are simply practicing gangster English. You can get the other songs at Milk Milk Lemonade and the MySpace site. Now, to quote a famous skellington, “Let us rock.”

The Happy Few
Red and Blue mp3
Give It to Me mp3

P.S.: Many thanks to 4casey4 at Milk Milk Lemonade and to The Happy Few.

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