Monday, July 02, 2007

Assistants, Lost Patrol, GoStation, Art in Manila, Hives

Surprise! I' ve found some songs I like. Perhaps we should be more propulsive here at the first of the week, but, um. . ., well, okay, if you're gonna twist my arm, the last one might gitcha goin'.

The Assistants - White mp3- Thanks to Frank over at Chromewaves for cleaning up. He's still got three Assistants.
The Lost Patrol - Sirens mp3- Thanks to heet at Hot Stof, where one more by The Lost Patrol is found.
The GoStation - Wandering Away mp3 – Thanks to Bob at extrawack! This link's fading in and out. Persevere.
Art In Manila - Set The Woods On Fire mp3 - I previously posted one by these Nebraskans, in case you're interested.
The Hives - Here We Go Again mp3 - Like, buzz, man.


Anonymous said...

thanks for noting the lost patrol! cheers!
Ed/LP's manager

pplist said...

You've got a terrific band there, Ed. Thanks for the music and for writing.

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