Thursday, July 26, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: In which pplist discovers a kindred spirit. . .

Thanks, host(esse)s.

Kak - Electric Sailor - Electric Sailor
King of Prussia - Spain in the Summertime - Electric Sailor
The Monkees - Porpoise Song (single version) - Electric Sailor
Tyrannosaurus Rex - King of the Rumbling Spires - Electric Sailor - not to all tastes, great medieval feel, featuring Marc Bolan’s hyperquavery voice, for you vibratophiles

The Teenagers - Make It Happen - The Yellow Stereo
The Rosebuds - Boxcar - The Yellow Stereo
Sherwood - The Only Song - Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?
Dios Malos - You Got Me All Wrong - Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?

Film School - Sick Hipster Nursed by Suicide Girl - Obscure Sound
Sarah Hallman - The Loving - I (heart) music
Creeping Jenny - Living a Girls Adventure Tale - Mira el Péndulo
The Headmen - Reach the Sky - Mira el Péndulo

The Cure - Friday I’m in Love - The Modern Music90s songs at TMM
R.E.M. - Losing My Religion - The Modern Music
Nirvana - In Bloom - The Modern Music
Smashing Pumpkins - Today - The Modern Music
Counting Crows - Mr. Jones - The Modern Music

VHS or Beta - Take It or Leave It - Obscure Sound
The Most Serene Republic - Sherry And Her Butterfly Net - SKATTERBRAIN - Stick with it; the song takes a brief time to warm up.
Charlatans UK - The Only One I Know - Some Velvet Blog
Bright Eyes/Spoon - Let The Distance Keep Us Together - Some Velvet Blog
Foxx on Fire - Politzia - Sandwich Club

The Sugarcubes - Delicious Demon - Broken Dial – (Maybe the only Sugarcubes song I like.) Found at a new friend (doesn’t know me, etc.), a fellow/sister Texan (Dallas) whose entire blog--Retro Music Snob--is devoted to tracking down songs from the past, apparently loosely defined as up to the preceding wisp of a second. Other notable posts link to songs by Holly and the Italians, Nick Lowe, Garbage, Jesus and Mary Chain (“Head On”!!), The Undertones (and further down, Feargal Sharkey), Stars (including the transcendent “Ageless Beauty”), The Judybats, Game Theory, and others too numerous to mention. I typed the word “Found” up there about thirty minutes ago. It took a long time just to hit the page down key over and over without stopping (but of course, I often stopped). Don't believe me? Go see for yourself. I discovered lots of excellent blogs I’m adding to my personal rota, too. This Dallasite is one busy beaver, with 26 posts just for Wednesday. I’m a piker, but at least I feel less guilty for pointing you toward stuff I like at other blogs. It’s weird pointing you toward a blog that points you toward other blogs. Pleasingly. Oh, and I think RMS wants you to bookmark the blog. Not sure, but that's the impression I get. Now to go wrestle with the dilemma of whether in future I should send you to RMS or the blog to which RMS sends you. Oh, happy, happy dilemma!


display said...

Thanks for the link to the "Porpoise Song" single version. Great list of stuff.
For The Love Of Harry

pplist said...

Thanks, Willard. That list got me pretty stirred up, too, as did The Monkees song.

Shawn M. Smith said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I love Retro Music Snob too, such a rad site, right?

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