Saturday, December 22, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Hives, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chromatics, Frank Black, Afraid of Stairs, Magnetic Fields, Ramones, Godfathers, et. al.

Were I hosting these myself, I'd have to buy the same brand of Depends-type thingies Astronautess Nowak uses. Maybe the actual hosterposters are made of sterner stuff, but I do thank them all the same.

The Hives – You Dress Up For Armageddon – BadmintonStamps
The Hives – Return the Favour – BadmintonStamps
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Kiss, Kiss – BadmintonStamps
Chromatics – Night Drive – Badminton Stamps

Frank Black – I Gotta Move – The Modern Music
Sounds Like Sunset – Frequency – mp3hugger
Eat – Shame – mp3hugger – Catchy

Michelangelo – Soon (We’ve Kept the Room. . .) – Raven Sings the Blues
Afraid of Stairs – When Nothing – My Little Ghost Friend
The Magnetic Fields – The Nun’s Litany – a Plague of Angels – Catchy

The Ramones – Somebody Put Something in My Drink – Bag of Songs - a personal favorite by the happy fam, as are 40 or 50 others; live at the Armadillo on the Leave Home tour was a seminal experience (again with the loins; sorry)
The Godfathers – I Want Everything – Bag of Songs - Come to think of it, The Ramones wanted this, too.
Gary Myrick And The Figures – She Talks in Stereo – Bag of Songs - A long-time faveorite


4casey4 said...

Haha... Gary Myrick! I forget the album I owned during the 80's but you can find out what happened to it if you revisit the comments on that Bag Of Songs post.

Cheers, xo

pplist said...

It looks like you told the story in reverse chronological order, yes? (Effect/cause)The chick may have talked in stereo, but she figured actions would speak louder than words. Funny what different meanings these songs have for each of us. For me, it was just a song I enjoyed through headphones sitting on the floor in front of the stereo or in the car on a mixtape I've still got. I didn't even own the lp; somebody loaned it to me, along with The Kings lp that has "Switchin' to Glide." Both songs are on the same mixtape. Thanks for sharing, and again, MML totally rocks.

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