Monday, December 03, 2007

Collect: Hard Lessons, Choir Practice, Harmonica, Helen Love, Shout Out Louds, Dog Day, Whitsundays, Mashup

Cool, calm collective. Almost as purty here.
Here we are again, barely believing it ourselves.

The Hard Lessons - See and Be Scene mp3 - More downloadables at MySpace.
The Choir Practice - Red Fox mp3 - Thanks, Toolshed. - More dls at MySpace.
Harmonica - Friday Night mp3 - Early every week lately I've intended to post this on Friday and then get to partying so hard I forget. Yeah, that's why.
Helen Love - Debbie Loves Joey mp3

Shout Out Louds -Tonight I Have To Leave It - I've always liked it, but this one has really grown on me, especially since hearing it live on the radio on a crisp fall day. Sorry, poetry moment.
Dog Day - Use Your Powers mp3


Purists and the faint of heart, beware. Perhaps turn back, even. That is all.

The Knack and The Beatles - My Sharona/Love Me Do mp3 - Thanks, WFMU. At this same page you can hear Brian Wilson do rap. Yeah, me neither.

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