Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's the Buzz? Tell Me What's A-Happening: Charlatans, Craft Economy, Pinto, Zolar X, Darling Buds, Ludvico Treatment, Freezepop, Shumai

Modeling the new Grados and flirting with Phil. Tart.
What a strange but affecting little accumulation we have today. Classics, newbies, newbies by classics, space cadets, a b-boy. Best just to listen, I think. (Some visitors have wondered how many different ways I'll contrive to say nothing. You have no idea, my unknown buds. I have not yet begun to say nothing.)

The Charlatans - You Cross My Path mp3
Pinto - I Can't Feel My Heart mp3

Zolar X - They're from Plutonia, if that tells you anything. I guess that's kind of a warning, although I like the songs.
Jet Star 19 mp3 - Is Geddy helping with vocals?

The Darling Buds - Baby Head mp3

Now to the apiary to cop a quick buzz from the immaculate, blissed-out, highly embraceable percussionist, Phil! Mind the stinger.

And finally, an apt shummation.

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TIWWDN said...

As a fellow power-pop lover, I wanted to share my Top Albums of 2007 list -

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