Monday, December 10, 2007


Hi, hope you're well.

Sykosonics – I didn't hyperventilate when I first saw this rummaging around at the ever-excellent Milk Milk Lemonade. A few sonic seconds later I was huffing and puffing, my tiny world turned upside down or rightside up, whatever, it was oodles better. Good bandname, too, divided as it is into two meaningful two-syllable sections. I left "Ultralite" at MML, so go get it before or after checking out the following from the bandsite. I'm probably going to post "Ultralite" myself soon, but Casey and Michelle deserve your custom. They're doing a great job of getting me in Dutch, first with überneato Utrechtians The Happy Few and now these A1 Amsterdammers.

Hyper mp3

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