Monday, December 24, 2007


"I adore this Swedish band." I'm quoting myself in hopes Labrador will again take notice. You see, the label recently quoted me in their email circular to the folks on their mailing list. Yeh, that's right, the guy who never says anything got quoted the one time he did. Anyway, the sentiment still holds, only deeper, and I'm posting everything I legally can by this incandescent (use that, Labbies?) group. The playing of Daniel Permbo, Joachim Läckberg, and Daniel Tolergård rings true, and Anna Persson's voice flows dangerously deep into this particular "soul." Ooooh, I like that one, too, and it happens to be true. Enough of barely making sense, though. Sambassadeur has final say.

Final Say mp3

From Sambassadeur:
Kate mp3

From the New Moon EP:
New Moon mp3

Well, okay, I'll add this, but it will, finally, lead you back to the band. Clicking the yellow titles takes you to eMusic pages where you can buy the rest of the albums and EP. Not only does Labrador front some of the best music on the planet, they are wise and generous in making free downloadables available at their label site. This gives their artists great exposure while creating myriad warm, fuzzy feelings in the "souls" of potential customers. I know the links work as well as Labrador's policy: I've bought everything there I didn't already have.

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