Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blooper Gets It Right

We love their self-deprecating bandname, but this Seattle outfit's music mostly goes far the other way. (They do commit one or two on last year's Ballard Avenue EP, but so what? When they are on, they are right on.)

Are they powerpop or indiepop? Frankly, our dears, we don't give a farthing. It's righteous pop.

The first song below is from a forthcoming EP, while "Courtney" is from the aforementioned Ballard Avenue. For you downloaders, a word of explanation: although the "Courtney" widget says "Buy" (and please do, if you like), you can in fact download the entire EP for free at their Bandcamp site. Gather more information, photos, etc., at their Facebook page. Mmmwaaah to The Finest Kiss for the headsup.

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