Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Rainyard: Jangleurs Par Excellence

Faveblog The Finest Kiss has an annex called LOOFK (Left Off Of Finest Kiss). We discovered there a pathway to a reissue of excellent songs by 80s Perth band The Rainyard. These Aussies are pretty much guaranteed to please any of The Byrdsian flock. LOOFK mentioned finding the band at another blog called Record Turnover, where you can gather a nice cache of information we feel no need to repeat. We, of course, deal mainly in sounds, hence the widgets below.

We're doing it kind of weirdly but hope that's okay. You can download the first songour favefairly quickly by clicking Download and proceeding therefrom. The next two songs are our second and third favorites and seem at first to be only for streaming. They can, however, be downloaded via the fourth widget, on which you can stream and then obtain all 14 songs at once on a name-your-price basis via Bandcamp.

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