Sunday, March 11, 2012

the Young Sinclairs - Culling Calling

We celebrate with our dear and much admired last'n'bloggerfriend Alex Twist his recent discovery of neo-Byrdsian faveband, Roanokeans the Young Sinclairs. We also thank him for pointing us to their Bandcamp page, where after several clicks we came upon their recent release of what that LP cover up there describes for Name Your Price download. We've culled and posted below three of our favorites from that album, Culled From the Link. We're also gonna put something in teeny tiny print at the end of this post but beg you to visit Requiem Pour Un Twister before clicking on any of the teeny tiny linkwords. Would you promise us you will visit RPUT first? Pretty please? You are so very great, so merci, nos amis.

Did you really go to RPUT first? Okay, if so, we just wanted to mention (casual-like) that we previously posted on the Young Sinclairs here, here, and here. That first here has some other nice downloadables from Planting Seeds Records, in case you're interested. At Planting Seeds you might enjoy the picture of the guy planting one not a seed (yet) but something else on the chick on the escalator. Maybe not, though. We haven't planted any posts here at Powerpopulist for a while and are obviously, we fear, sounding a bit awkward, so TTFN, au revoir, etc.

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