Friday, March 23, 2012

Music of the Sphere: Pugwash, Nushu, Kings, Belly, XTC, Walkley, Go! Team, Hummingbirds, Spinning J's, Ex Cops, IWaK, Weepies, Mind Spiders, et. al.

We've been enjoying these, so why shouldn't you (have the opportunity to do so kind of thing)? Limitless, undying thanks to the favebloggers for hosting and posting.

PT Walkley - Go Away - Indie Rock Cafe

The Go! Team - Ready To Go Steady - Motel de Moka - #10

I Was a King - Happy - Austin Town Hall

Mind Spiders - On The Radio - Pop Headwound

The Weepies - How You Survived the War - You Must Be From Away

Powers - Sleeping Patterns - Soundcloud

Diamonds Under Fire - Binge Thinking - Free Indie

Ex Cops - Broken Chinese Chairz - Gimme Tinnitus

Detective Agency - Daggers - The Finest Kiss

Belly - Feed the Tree - Pop Dose
XTC - Senses Working Overtime - Pop Dose

Colleen Green - Worship You - Raven Sings the Blues
The Kings - Switchin' To Glide - Raven Sings the Blues

Bronx Cheerleader - Camelot - Swedesplease - Scroll down to Canada.
Buenaparte - Con Lucy In The Sky - Swedesplease - Scroll down to Venezuela.

Pugwash - Take Me Away - Peter's Power Pop
The Hummingbirds - Blush - Peter's Power Pop
The Spinning Jennies - Day Away & Tea & Apathy - Peter's Power Pop
The Wellingtons - I'm Feeling the Same Way - Peter's Power Pop
Charlotte Hatherley - Bastardo - Peter's Power Pop
Nushu - Spill - Peter's Power Pop - As of this writing, the second "Spill" "excerpt" is actually the full song.

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