Saturday, March 24, 2012

eMusic pppurcha$e$ - November 2011 - March 2012

We say this pretty much every time we do one of these pppurcha$e$ po$t$, mainly because it's true: we found a hitload of great songs at eMusic these past five months. True, there was that spell when we let our five-year subscription expire, but it took only one month of missing it to get us crawling back for more. And we're glad we did!

So you may be asking, "Hey, pp, anything in particular you recommend out of those 172 songs?" To which we must ask how you knew there were 172, unless you've already clicked here and taken a look at the list. In which case, we must answer, "Thanks for asking/clicking."

Now remember, we pretty much love every one of our new song chilluns, even the ones we haven't yet been able to spend much time with. But right off the top of our head(s), we've really enjoyed the singletons we bought by Captain Murphy, The Galileo 7 (we liked a bunch more by TG7 but this was the one we bought this time), Moles, The Primitons, Robbers on High Street, and the Young Sinclairs. Of the artists we bought multiple songs by, we're especially excited about Allen Clapp, The Bevis Frond, The High Back Chairs, Kelley Stoltz, Liarbirds, Simon Turner, The Story UK, and Terry Malts. (Click artist names to go to their eMusic page.)

We also might mention that we've been getting some great recommendations at several of the power pop and indiepop rooms at If you haven't tried it yet, is a great place to listen to and chat about music with aficionados of the same genres you like. In some ways it's better than blogging, particularly the way the people actually make supportive comments about the music you're sharing.


DeepKarma said...

I loved the Kelley Stoltz album, but my favorite recent download was Robbers on High Street. Don't stop at one song...get the whole thing!

pplist said...

Yeh, the Kelley Stoltz album is loaded with good stuff. I'll give the Robbers another listen.

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