Tuesday, February 06, 2007

At hhbtm: boyracer, Poison Control Center, Smittens, Keith John Adams, Maybellines

I highly recommend the excellent Obscure Sound’s post on Kentuckians Ideal Free Distribution. Following his cues took me to hhbtm records, where I found links to songs by boyracer (left) and Poison Control Center I already owned but also to a bunch of nice things by artists I didn’t know and am glad I now do. I hope you’ll like them, too. I'll post five for now. To avoid possibly fatal confusion, I should note that hhbtm lists The Maybellines under the category, "Inlaws." Clicking the artists' names below should augment your knowledge and put you in touch with other of their recorded product.

boyracer - Where To Place Your Trust mp3
Poison Control Center - Kennedy mp3
The Smittens - Stop The Bombs mp3
Keith John Adams - Never Look Down mp3
The Maybellines - Battleship mp3

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