Friday, February 09, 2007

Heyday Revisited: Game Theory

Yes, I've loved Game Theory very much for a long time now. Beautiful instrumentation, incredibly clever lyrics, some production by Mitch Easter: does it get any better? A friend even got me Scott Miller's autograph, along with a personal message to someone he didn't even know. Wow! As best I can tell, GT's products are no longer available new, and the used versions are higher priced than standard, but well worth it. (Just to clarify, if you click the Amazon link, I am not referring to "Game Theory" by The Roots. Not at all.) I've kicked myself many a new one for not buying Lolita Nation in CD back in the day, but at least I have precious vinyls of it, along with vinyls of all their other lps. Please read the AllMusic summary, where you will note that Miller went on to form a new band, The Loud Family, who just released a new album, What If It Works?,this past fall. You can disport yourself happily at The Loud Family website, reading cool insights by Miller and downloading beaucoup mp3s by both TLF and GT. I think you will agree that the producers of a popular t.v. series wisely did not choose the following as the theme song. If all goes as planned, it will be posted for seven 24's.

Game Theory - 24


Anonymous said...

Steve KIlbey of The Church & Scott Miller are very good friends. So good that Steve stole Scott's girlfriend Donnette.

pplist said...

The use of the present tense in the first sentence bespeaks a certain largeness of soul in Mr. Miller, yes? ----Thanks for the update.

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