Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Hits Faves

One happy night back in the Fall of 2005 I discovered the fabulous Little Hits, a blog devoted to obscure indie and powerpop songs of the recent and distant past. I was so excited that first night I went through their entire archives up to that point, sampling everything they had posted. I quickly assembled a long list of faves, with an "Almosts" list of another 50-60 fine tunes. Little Hits became a part of my daily rota of mp3 blogs, and by the end of the first year, I had another five or six dozen favorites and more "Almosts." I got to thinking that some of you who visit Powerpopulist might enjoy some of the same Little Hits that most pleasingly plunked my twanger. After discussing this idea with Stewart Mason, the new main blogmeister there, we decided it would be best if I didn't link directly to the songs themselves but to the posts where the songs are found. This will require an extra click on your part, but, who knows, it might be worth it. If it's not working for you, no harm done. You might also enjoy digging through their Archives yourself. Anyway, here's our first post of Little Hits Faves. Once at Little Hits, just click on the blue Band Name - Song Title.

Rotjoch - Tomorrow
The Boys from Nowhere - Beg
Blue - Danger Sign
The Spliffs - You Know What They'll Say
Band of Outsiders – Dutch Girl Concern

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