Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Gurus Close In

The pulse quickens in anticipation of any new tuneage from Rainbow Quartz in general and this superb Barcelona powerpop trio in particular. The Gurus were among our earliest posts, and you can still find excellent, viable tuneage from RQ here, here, and here and from The Gurus here. Debra and Fil over at Power Pop Review posted an excellent two-part overview of The Gurus here and here; it's well worth checking out. In deference to PPR's planned posts, we held off posting the following two tunes from The Gurus' third LP, Now, so perhaps enough time has elapsed to excuse our doing so now.

The Gurus were also among our earliest purchases at eMusic. We bought a bunch and were especially enamored of their cover of The Kinks' "I Need You," which you can sample here. Speaking of which, here's an excellent cover version by superb Boston powerpoppers The Cavedogs we posted back in early days. (That post has three other hot Cavedogs tunes as well.)

Well, maybe we're starting to ramble, so close we shall.


Larry F. said...

Likin' "A Walk Again"..has a Chad & Jeremy feel to it.

pplist said...

That's a good feel and a high compliment, Larry. Thanks for pointing this out.

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