Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catch-Up: Charade, Doiron, Meridene, Pollard, Say Hi, Mae Shi, Antique Toys, Dead Meadow, Sound of Arrows, Paper Moon, Underwater TP, E. Hundred

As we recently mentioned, we've got a lot of songs we just haven't posted, so we're trying to catch up. (It's not gonna happen, but fondly may we dream.) For this post we drop down to the chronological end of our queue. Frankly, we're not exactly sure when we found these, but it appears it was in late 2008. Try not to settle into any particular mood, for this lot is all over the lot.

The Charade - Monday Morning mp3
Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize mp3
Meridene - Stay Alive mp3
Robert Pollard - Imaginary Queen Anne mp3

Say Hi - These Fangs mp3
The Mae Shi - See You Again mp3
The Antique Toys - Zombie 13 mp3 - Ta to Morten for the long-ago headsup.
Dead Meadow - I'm Gone mp3

The Sound of Arrows - M.A.G.I.C. mp3
Paper Moon - What Are You Going To Do With Me? mp3
Underwater Tea Party - The Untold Story About Mary and Nick mp3
East Hundred - Slow Burning Crimes mp3

A couple of post-posting notes: The Yahoo Media Player plays the Dead Meadows song fine in Firefox but not in Windows Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, on my 'puter at least. You can download it, though, with right-click/Save Target As. YMP is not picking up the East Hundred song, but it will launch by left-clicking and will download with the usual right-click/Save Target As command. Sorry for any inconvenience.


NerdLiterature said...

What a great find. I'm loving the Charade. Remind me a lot of the band Ivy. Gotta find the albums

pplist said...

I'm with you on both The Charade and Ivy, Rob, especially the latter's "Something About You." Thanks for your feedback.

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