Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Music of the Sphere: B. Cockburn, CHOO CHOO, Deerhunter, Eternal Summers, Electric Mainline, S. Forbert, Big Bro, Big Surr, Shah-Tayler, et. al. . .

Many thanks to the bloghosts for making the following available. (Click colored stuff to go to the mp3s.)

The Electric Mainline - All Too Much - Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot - Yeh, too much, man. Gimme more.

Deerhunter - Desire Lines - Covert Curiosity

Eternal Summers - Able To - RCRD-LBL - We previously posted their "Pogo" here.

Colleen Green - Worship You - 20JazzFunkGreats

Big Brother and the Holding Company - Combination of the Two - Doug's Song Pick of the Day - Pretty much the only Janis Joplin song I like - Doug has a ton of great mp3s posted: The Merrymakers, Shoes, Weezer, The La's, Midnight Oil, on and on and on; scroll way down, maybe do Ctrl-F search for "Big Brother"

Bruce Cockburn - Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Star Maker Machine - long-time fave
Steve Forbert - Born Too Late - Star Maker Machine

Big Surr - Alright - Rose Quartz
Outer Limits Recordings - I'm An Alien - Rose Quartz

Julian Shah-Tayler - Butterfly - Mojophenia
The Wagner Logic - Waiting For Snow - Mojophenia
Faded Paper Figures - Invent It All Again - Mojophenia

Nerve City - Sleepwalker - Raven Sings the Blues
Ty Segall - Caesar & Girlfriend - Raven Sings the Blues
The Half Rats - The Girl - Raven Sings the Blues

CHOO CHOO - It's A Good Thing - I Guess I'm Floating - Scroll down to Switzerland. See our previously posted songs by this excellent Bern band here.
NYC UFOS - Any Other Time - I Guess I'm Floating
TV Girl - On Land - I Guess I'm Floating
Apneu - Daydream - I Guess I'm Floating - Scroll down to Netherlands.
Telenovelas - One and Only - I Guess I'm Floating
Koil - Aku Lupa Aku Luka - I Guess I'm Floating - Scroll down to Indonesia. Not sure what they're going on about, but this stuff is catnip to pp. Heavyish. Lotta power, notta lotta pop. You've been warned.

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