Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Telekinesis/SSLYBY Joint

Hey Jealousy

We love both these bands and faced a profound blogger moment quandary ("blogmoqua," as it's known in the business) as to which bandname should come/go first. We hope neither will mind (and won't, as neither will notice).** Anyway, the song was a joint venture just prior to recently hitting the road together, and we think it's superswell. ("Interesting" observation: After seeing numerous instances of the acronym SSLYBY, we noticed that if you ssnakily ssay the first two letters, it kind of rhymes with "flyby." Ssaves a lot of time talking to myour hipster friends.)

It was also nice to learn about Chicago powerpunkpoppers Green in the bargain.

Here are a couple of wonderful songs we've previously posted by the two groups, along with infolinks and purchasepoints, all of which we've heartily, greedily, and happily employed.

By the way, I recently found another excellent--ready to practice??--SSLYBY song, "Think I Wanna Die," at I tried posting it again here at Powerpopulist, but it had "issues" with the Yahoo Media Player widget. I've posted it here at a ridiculous little blog I set up a few years ago to tie in with a couple of posts I'd done in our blog's infancy (or toddlerhood).

**No telling what kind of jealousy won't break out when they don't see the relative sizes of the paired pictures up there.

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