Saturday, October 23, 2010

New from Rainbow Quartz: June, Volebeats, Sails, High Dials, Parties, Flower Machine

You may have noticed last month we were pretty excited to hear of forthcoming releases from the fabulous Rainbow Quartz label. And we still are. We promised we'd post free and legals as soon as we got them. Well, we just got them. And even though it's 5:14 A.M., this is more important than that vastly overrated thing called "shuteye." So here we go.

We'll begin with three LPs that are already available for purchase.

The June - Good News mp3 - from Green Fields and Rain - band's Rainbow Quartz page - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

The June - Feel The Sunshine mp3 - same as above

The Volebeats - Me and You mp3 - from The Volebeats - band's Rainbow Quartz page - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

The Volebeats - This is Where I Belong mp3 - same as above

The Sails - I'm Only Bleeding mp3 - from A Headful of Stars - Get another mp3 from the LP at the band's Rainbow Quartz page. - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

These three LPs are due to be released on Tuesday, 2 November.

The High Dials - Uruguay mp3 - from Anthems for Doomed Youth - Get more at Rainbow Quartz. - Amazon mp3 - eMusic

The Parties - Let's Call It Love mp3 - from Coast Garde - more at Rainbow Quartz - Amazon mp3 - eMusic - Click here to hear Mr. Suave's highly entertaining interview of The Parties and here to go to his excellent Mod, Mod blog.

The Flower Machine - L.A. in the Rain mp3 - from Lavender Lane - more at Rainbow Quartz - Amazon mp3

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