Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watch Out For Watch Out For Rockets

Back in August we guided you over to Covert Curiosity to check out this lo-fi Austin band and then lifted over to eMusic to see what they might have. Lordy, what a payload! We purchased 16 right on the spot from their first two LPs. (We feel lucky if we find one excellent song on an album, but scoring seven on one and nine on the other is almost unprecedented.) We'd grooved on the goodstuff for a month, when out of the blue rocketdog7, aka Aaron Rimbey,* aka guitarist for WOFR, invited us to friendship at "Hmmm, might this be an opportunity to host a couple of the excelentes right here at our humble little blogchild?" wondered pp. "Yes," said newfriend Aaron! So there they are, in launch mode up yonder. (Hopefully you've already taken the rocket ride. . . ."Come on, grab ahold of my rocket" indeed. Shameless, weren't they? Ace nevertheless. But I digress.)

Aaron got our bp rocketing up a bit with the news WOFR** will be releasing a new LP in a month or so. Telepathic War Machine will initially be offered as a free download at the band's Bandcamp site. He also said a free EP is available at the Bandcamp site and will remain so-unpriced until the LP is released. Needless to say, we got our aspirations over there lickety split, did the dl thing, and are highly grooving on the results.

We are grateful to Aaron for the permish and also to Mr. Curiosity for the initial headsup and for directing us to the excellent Austin Sound, which has lots of valuable info, plus a couple of other WOFR songs we especially like.

MySpace | Bandcamp | Amazon mp3 | iTunes | eMusic

*That's Aaron up there in the beard.
**The band was first formed by David T. Jones (guitar/vox) and also includes Lucas James Urbanski (bass) and Richard Galloway (drums). The Austin Sound article says Jonathan Terhaar plays drums. And that could well be.


Anonymous said...

Great piece man, and love WOFR. Just FWIW - I believe Richard Galloway is the drummer; the band switched percussionists earlier this year.

pplist said...

Thanks, A, for the info. I'm loving them, too. Can't wait for the new LP!

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