Monday, October 11, 2010

Impossible Hair Do Their Part, Too

Oh, yeh, just like "ours."

Impossible Hair - You Can Own mp3***

from their forthcoming 2 November self-release

Toast a Dozen (on the outside)

We identify closely with the D. C./Baltimore band's name and even more with the excellent song, whose title, as you've maybe noticed, is quite doable. Many thanks to Candice Jones at Team Clermont for her part in getting it to us.

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Impossible Hair - The High Official mp3

Update, 1Nov10: We just received this second free and legal from the above-named Impossible Hair LP, still due out tomorrow. Thanks again to the above-named Candice Jones of the above-cited Team Clermont for augmenting the coif. We're loving The Whoish, "I Can't Explain"-ish left-ear-->right-ear-->top o' the chop-->full spectrum opening riff sequence thingy. (Sorry, didn't mean to get so technical.)

***Update, 1Feb11 - Now you own "You Can Own" by clicking here.

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