Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cloudberry's Jingle Jangle Morning. . .

. . .noon, afternoon, night, whatever, promises satisfying sonics. The excellent Roque at the excellent Mira el Péndulo has started up a small label called Cloudberry, which is in the process of issuing nine 3-inch cd-r's from a multinational cast of jangleurs. Jangle, fuzz, power chords, Farfisa fun, voices ranging from hebetic to munchkinesque, deeply philosophical lyrics, all the standard stuff of le twee are here in delightful abundance. I'm posting five of my favorites, plus one by Liechtenstein I found by clicking links at the Cloudberry website. I left some behind in case you are in a mood adventurous. Tweest and sigh, people.

Slow Down Tallahassee - Candy mp3 - Sheffield, UK
Princess Niko - The Broken Paper-Heart Club mp3 - Kopervik, Rogaland, Norway
Zipper - Former Friends mp3 - Madrid, Spain
Horowitz - Popkids of the World Unite! mp3 - Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stars in Coma - Revanche mp3 - Skåne, Sweden

Liechtenstein - Stalking Skills mp3 - Göteborg, Sweden

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