Thursday, April 12, 2007

FanoFanatic 2: Bang Gang & Sleeping in the Aviary

It's a bit of a dodge calling this "FanoFanatic 2" because Mark Davis over at Fanatic Promotion has been sending highly listenable product to me and other bloggers on a steady basis of late, and I've repeatedly indulged. I've been a fan of Iceland's Bang Gang (weird how one little word reversal and we're into entirely different territory) since posting "Find What You Get" on the SXSW Big Bloc 4 extravagonzo back in February. I'm reposting that song, plus two recent arrivals. Sleeping in the Aviary hail from one of my favorite cities I've never been to, Madison, WI. Clever name, although I instinctively reach for protective gear, particularly if the birds are awake. "Pop Song" describes itself, and at this blog, that's good. "Another Girl" was good if iffy until that Kinksy riff at the 1:30 mark canceled reservations. Aha! I just noticed the FP blurb on SITA actually uses the word "spastic!" I knew it wasn't just me.

Bang Gang

Find What You Get mp3 - Thanks to
Something Wrong mp3
It's Alright mp3

Sleeping in the Aviary

Pop Song mp3
Another Girl mp3

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