Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lab Partners

Ah, that special bond that exists between lab partners. How could I ever forget such partners as. . .the ones I had? And, oh, the sights, the sounds, the sulphuric acid splashing holes into new jeans (and young legs), the invigorating smell of hydrogen sulfide, I think it was called. All-in-all, I definitely prefer these proper-nouned Lab Partners. They hail from Dayton, Ohio, none has a two-word name longer than nine letters (proof: Mike Smith, Amy Smith, Mike Volk, Todd Carll), and Michael over at Reverb Records rightly surmised that because I had previously posted their song "Love Don't Care," I like them. He graciously sent and gave consent for me to post the title song from their forthcoming Keep Quiet EP, and guess what, I like it, too, very much. I hope you do, too, and if so, we become partners of a sort in a shared experience. Chemistry, man. . .And now, a few minutes later, excitement surges after finding the above pic at LP's MySpace site. Which are the LPs, which is Michael, and most importantly, which are the interns? Just kidding, although the interns are very important indeed. (I hope you don't mind my having fun with my blog because I kind of am.) I'm using my Secret Decoder to try and deconstruct the picture.

Lab Partners
Keep Quiet mp3
Love Don't Care mp3

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