Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seattle Standouts: Capillaries, Young Sportsmen, Upskirts, Cantona, Central Services

At a recent visit to the excellent Seattle-Powerpop, blogmeister Gary was previewing an upcoming Elvis Costello Cover Night, with several area bands topping the bill. Tracking them to their website and MySpace lairs turned up a raft of excellent songs. I'm posting one song each by several of the bands and suggest you check out what I left behind. You won't be disappointed. Just click on the band names to travel. An excellent song I recently posted by Central Services can be found here.

The Capillaries - Love Conquers Some mp3 (pic)
Young Sportsmen - Under the Rocks and Stars mp3
The Upskirts - Swallow mp3
Cantona - Black Light Picture mp3

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