Sunday, April 15, 2007

Promise Kept: Saturna Burns

The word "excited" has been popping up here with regularity of late, and who's complaining? That's how I felt back in December when I first heard from Portland psych/pop/gazers Saturna, and it's enhanced by this promise kept. I grooved heartily to their EP . . .All Night, and lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ryan Carroll said he'd let me know when the full album was ready. It is and he has. And Some Delicious Enemy is a most tasty burner. Some groups come out blasting, lasering cortices with abandon. Saturna can do that but they also have that rare power of imperceptibly touching the kindling, gradually clouding you into slackjaw pleasure until you eventually realize, "Hmmm, I'm baking. Yo, foe, I got something for you here. Over easy, please." Delicious ain't just for the tongue.

Saturna - Some Delicious Enemy
Roll Down mp3
Fall mp3
Chasing the Unpredictable mp3

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