Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ka-Twang!: Southern Bitch, Freebooting Profiteers, The Boggs, Bad Religion

I'm pretty much always happy to profit from enlightenment by noble Athenians and/or swashbuckling powerpoppers from the Leeds/Wakefield/Doncaster fleet, hence the first two twangerplunkers below. ("Supernatural" comes as a bit of free booty over at the FP MySpace site, so get yours over there post-haste and check out what I left behind.) Brooklyn's The Boggs I just stumbled onto at the generous AOL, while I came across the Bad Religion over at the superb Kingblind. Yassss, we're feeling a little raucous this early Saturday morn, but come on, it ain't exactly Lizzy Borden. Do I need to say that I like these songs very much? BTW, I apologize to any LB fans who Google their way here. This is not a bait and switch, so please don't ax my little thing, okley dokley? Thanks muchly.

Southern Bitch
- Free Man Now mp3 (pic)
Freebooting Profiteers - Supernatural mp3
The Boggs - Little Windows mp3
Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction mp3

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