Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walker Kong Their Third

Minneapolis’s Walker Kong were one of my earliest posts. I’d gathered and loved “Battleship of Thieves” and “Executioner Song” from some favorite blog and was glad to be able to give them an early berth at mine. So inane is the intro I wrote back then that I’m not even going to link to it. Let us begin anew. They’ve been at it since 1998, first as a quintet (one man, four “musically untrained female friends” - their words, not mine) and gradually evolved into today’s septet. (I would like to congratulate myself on going back and excising several inanities. Except that one.) They rose to the top of the Twin Cities pop ladder and last month released their third full-length, the hitting-all-too-close-to-home,-well,-not-home-but-life-in-general-I-guess-titled Deliver Us From People. (I’m not a misanthrope, but, you know, dayum.) Okay, I give up. I love their music. (I bought a bunch more at eMusic.) They make me happy, and I get silly. The former’s their fault, the latter’s mine. And unlike in October, I now get to work every day with a guy from Two Harbors, so I’m just grooving and smiling with pleasure when he speaks. Just please listen. Walker Kong, I apologize. I cannot do you justice, but you can and do. (Thanks to Curt at Magic Marker Records for alerting me to the link to the newly available song.)

Walker Kong
Deliver Us From People - Andy Warhol & the Honey Bees mp3
Transparent Life - Battleship of Thieves mp3
There Goes the Sun - Executioner Song mp3

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