Thursday, June 21, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: Feeder, Bubble Puppy, Golden Dawn, Tribes of the City, thestar69, Robert Church & the Holy Community, Weezer

I've got some directs I'm dying to post but I want to put the following before you while there's time. Great thanks to the hostesses and hosts.

Feeder - Seven Days in the Sun - I Am Fuel, You Are Friends – If Heather's fabulous Summer Mix doesn't yank you out of the estival doldrums, Eddie Cochran may well have been right, there just ain't no cure.
Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sassafrass & Lonely - Raven Sings the Blues - for lovers of early Texas psych (S. Houston, M. B. Lamar, etc.); next band is in the same post
Golden Dawn - Starvation & My Time - Raven Sings the Blues – more Texas psych
Tribes of the City - A Day in the City & Waves - Coast is Clear
thestar69 - So What is the News - 5 Acts
Robert Church & the Holy Community - Steve - Mira el Péndulo
Weezer - Holiday - The Modern Music

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