Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Around the Blogosphere: New Pornographers, Transvision Vamp, Pipettes, Comas, Game Theory

Gotta post quickly. Our high-speed service was down for twenty-seven hours and just got restored, but tenuously, we are told. I'll post more as I can. Thanks to all these hosts.

The New Pornographers - The Body Says No – 5 Acts
Transvision Vamp – Tell That Girl to Shut Up – Music of the Moment – Chris has nine more Transvision Vamp songs in this weeks’s Flashback Friday feature.
The Pipettes - Pull Shapes - Music for Kids Who Cant Read Good
The Comas - Moonrainbow - Mars Needs Guitars
Game Theory - Erica's Word - Some Velvet Blog - SVB has more by Game Theory and four by The Loud Family.

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